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Welcome to ADMAA Consulting

 ADMAA Consulting is a Management Consulting Firm that provides "Operational Excellence" consulting to companies primarily in the Manufacturing and Financial Services Sectors.
These companies are seeking to improve their business performance by eliminating waste from their processes and compete globally. We leverage the advances made in Lean and Six sigma principles and apply tools and techniques to deliver value to our clients.

Why choose us?

We have years of frontline experience in Operations Management roles and exposure to the global environment. We deploy a commonsense and practical approach to improve business performance and develop capabilities in the client's organization to sustain benefits .

It is our belief that continual improvement can only happen when organizations recognize need for change and are equally committed to drive the change on a long term basis. We value honesty and transparency in our engagements and create governance mechanisms to review progress on our assignments.

We are experienced in:

• Creating Production and Service Management systems
• Proven Plant turnarounds
• Implementing Continuous improvement programs and change management
• Reducing Turn Around time(Lead time) and improving accuracy
• Creating Performance Measurement systems
• Developing Balance Scorecards and Hoshin Plans
• Setting-up new operations based on LEAN principles
• Deploying tools like Value Stream Mapping, 5S ,Versatility matrix etc .

Besides Consulting , we also offer training workshops on LEANSixSigma in a half-day and two-day format.

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